If you want to transform your face into a delightful look and add more beauty to it, eyelashes have been an excellent element. They have played a crucial part in defining the actual appearance of your face. Also, eyelash extension Bergen County is a great way to improve your natural beauty if you want to make a couple of small alterations in the length of your eyelashes.  

Eyelash extensions offer an improved beauty without doing any damage to your real eyelashes. It can also simultaneously keep their integrity.  

However, oftentimes, maintaining your eyelash extensions can be boring. However, if you don’t maintain it, your eyelash extensions will not last long.  

Here are a couple of ways to take care of your eyelash extensions: 

Keep Away from The 3s for The First 2 Days 

 For the first 2 days of your treatment, you have to avoid the 3s. These are swimming, steam, and shower. The glue is still settling during the first 48 hours. Your lashes might easily fall out if it comes in contact with any type of water. Obviously, you do not want to get rid of your beautiful appearance if you haven’t flaunted it with your friends.  

Sleep on Your Back 

It might appear odd. However, you should not press your eyelash extensions against the pillow. This will only suffocate them. You should really avoid it if you have a habit to sleep of sleeping on your front. If you really want the eyelash extensions to last for a while, you really have to avoid sleeping on your front. 

Change Your Eye Cream 

Instead of eye cream, it is ideal to utilize a lightweight eye serum. Also, you have to ensure that it does not get close to your eyelashes or eyes. For those who don’t know, eye creams typically contain oil that can weaken the lashes’ glue. This will result in your lashes prematurely falling off. 

Always Be Gentle 

Just like your eyes, your eyelashes are also extremely delicate. For cleansing purposes, you should only utilize an oil-free makeup remover and a gentle face-wash. You should also blow-dry your lashes with the lowest possible intensity every after shower. In addition to that, you have to brush them properly, lightly, and carefully. When you want to clean the place around the lashes and the eye, try to use a wet cotton bud.  

Get Rid of Mascara 

Mascaras can only add weight on your lashes. Of course, the main purpose of eyelash extensions is for you not to use mascara anymore. Thus, why should you unnecessarily use them?  

Regularly Cleanse Your Eyelashes 

You have to regularly clean your lashes. Being lazy is not good here. You don’t want all the dirt and makeup to stick with the lashes.  

When cleaning your lashes, you’ve got to ensure that the cleanser does not contain oil. It is also best to use a cleansing brush. Properly rinse your eyelashes every time and pat them dry. Make sure that your lashes are pointing out in the same direction.