Pros and Cons of Different Decking Material

Whenever you are installing or rebuilding a deck, there are many things you’ve got to consider. However, the biggest thing that you have to think about is probably the decking material.

For decking material, you’ve got to main options – composites and wood. In terms of maintenance and upfront cost, both have pros and cons.

Before you hire a deck builder Allen Texas, here are the pros and cons of different decking material:


Composites are probably the best bang for your money. It’s made of recycled plastics and wood fibers.

  • Pros
  • Composite is defect free. To avoid wasting materials, you can use every inch.
  • Almost every manufacturer makes balusters, handrails, and other pieces to complement the shades they offer.
  • Manufacturers create a huge range of colors since it is man-made.
  • The recycled plastic makes it the most resistant to rotting, splits, cracks, stains, and weather, unlike any other material. This means that the maintenance cost will be much lower.
  • Cons
  • This decking material is extremely costly upfront. However, it is worth it whenever you factor in the expense, labor, and time of maintaining wooden decks.

Tropical Hardwoods

Cambara, garapa, massaranduba, tigerwood, cumaru, and ipe are often used for decks.

  • Pros
  • They are durable, hard, and naturally resistant to rot and insects.
  • These tropical hardwoods provide unique and rich color selections.
  • Cons
  • They do not accept stains very well. Thus, you’ll have to utilize an oil-based penetrating stain. If you don’t stain the wood, it will cause it to fade its colors.
  • They are costlier compared to PT wood. However, the cost is comparable to Cedar and Redwood in several locations.
  • The wood’s density makes it hard to drill and cut. They are also heavy. It is almost impossible to nail or drive a screw into one of them.

Cedar and Redwood

  • Pros
  • The oils and tannins in the wood offer a natural resistance to decay, rot, and particular bugs or insects.
  • Cedar and redwood are richer in color with natural beauty that beats pressure-treated lumber.
  • Cons
  • The maintenance of this type of wood is the same as PT lumber. They need power wash every year and a new finish every 2 up to 3 years. This type of wood will change colors if you do not apply a stain.
  • The resistance of cedar and redwood to bugs and weather varies on the amount of sapwood versus heartwood in the planks.

Pressure Treated Lumber

  • Pros
  • It is available almost everywhere.
  • PT lumber is the cheapest choice. It is around $0.59 per linear foot.
  • The chemical treatment helps the wood resist insects or bugs, fungus, and rot.
  • Cons

Compared to a composite material, you may be saving money when it comes to upfront costs. However, you will have to spend a lot of money on maintenance. You have to apply stain every 2 or 3 years. You also have to power wash it every year. You have to change the boards as they crack.

Things You Need to Know About Online Marketing

Online marketing is really hard – we can all agree to it. In fact, it involves weaving together complex sets of highly technical and intricate knowledge across a wide variety of skill set and we are not just talking about SEO here. Certainly, every business owner knows how extremely important it is to have their business marketed online in order to gain visibility as well as reach their target audience. But those same people also know the tremendous and difficult undertaking involved during the process.  


As a matter of fact, it is not only the learning curve for newcomers, yet also potential landmines with countless of some pseudo-experts that are parading themselves constantly in an effort, which is to extract capital from businessmen instead of helping them to make it. Therefore, where does an average businessman turn in order to gain online visibility and reputation as well as to reach new customers without the need to spend a fortune?  

Clearly, marketing business online as well as making traction is certainly going to either take a lot of money or a lot of time. In addition to that, considering that more and more people nowadays have the former instead of the latter, it is very important that you pursue the appropriate online marketing strategies without spending too much money. For technically-savvy businessmen, building an online business as well as doing it on a budget is not just some fairytale fantasy, it is a proven reality. But, for those people that are not knowledgeable enough, finding the right strategies that will work well can prove to be a very costly as well as painful experience.  

Certainly, not everyone has the money needed in order to make those mistakes. But it is very important to note that trying any of these low budgeted online marketing methods on your own does not guarantee successful results. As a matter of fact, most of them need some serious and deep-rooted knowledge in some respective areas. But these are just some of the skills that you can be able to learn the moment you want to forgo paying a large amount of money in order to market your brand or business through an agency.  

There are some of the steps you should do in order to have a successful online marketing campaign. While creating a blog is something that can take years to develop into some real content source for people, the truth is that it also offers the most cost-effective and best means for reaching a lot of people all around the globe. Furthermore, it does require persistence and passion, along with a deep understanding of the topic as well as the availability to connect effectively and efficiently with the audience.  

In order to be an effective blogger, all you need to do is to deliver valuable and quality content. Aside from this, you can also have your website published or advertised on different social media pages. However, this can be successfully done with the help of professional and skilled Santa Rosa web designers.